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Please read the review of the AdsEmpire affiliate network to learn how to make money with AdsEmpire, its PROs and CONs, and how to optimize your earnings, etc.
In a previous tutorial, we’ve already explained, step by step, how to get approved in CPA networks and how to promote and make money with CPA offers. If you don’t know this, I suggest you check it before reading this review to maximize your potential earnings.
If you are into the dating vertical, Ads Empire CPA network may be your best bet to make good money from your traffic, as they provide lucrative offers and process payments fast. Signup for Ads Empire
Let’s start the Ads Empire review:

Ads Empire Affiliate Network
AdsEmpire is one of the fastest-growing affiliate networks that provides plenty of profitable opportunities. It started in 2020 and, since then, hasn’t stopped innovating and expanding. One particularity of the Ads Empire affiliate network is that it focuses on a couple of verticals only, dating being the main one.
Being niched, they can negotiate better commissions and get access to exclusive offers, which means, in the end, better payouts and better service for you.
The team is dedicated to ensuring the affiliates’ success and helps you at any step of the process. Payments are processed on NET30 or NET7 for affiliates earning more than $1500 weekly, using various methods like USDT, BTC, PayPal, WebMoney, Wire, etc., ensuring a fast turnaround to help you scale your profits.
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Ads Empire Features [5/5]
Now that you know what AdsEmpire is, let’s advance by checking their main features and what makes them unique and competitive:

Smartlink Platform​
The network provides a separate login for affiliates who want to promote Smartlink offers only. AdsEmpire’s platform uses an advanced Smartlink technology that allows for real-time optimization of your traffic. With this feature, affiliates and publishers can expect to monetize 100% of their traffic for better earnings and higher ROI.

Niche Optimized Offers
AdsEmpire focuses on a couple of verticals, the most notable being the dating one. The offers are tested and optimized on their side, connecting the traffic with reliable and performing offers from all around the globe. Choose the affiliate commission model alongside the vertical and find deals,

Attractive Payouts
The payments are sent to affiliates on a NET30 basis. If you exceed $1,500 worth of earnings every week, your payment frequency can be upgraded to NET7. You can receive your earnings through one of the following: Wire Transfer, Paxum, WebMoney, Bitcoin, USDT, Capitalist, or PayPal.

LP Optimization​
Landing page optimization is an essential aspect of affiliate marketing. With this feature, affiliates can expect to earn more from their traffic because this helps increase their landing page views, click-through rates (CTR), and conversion rates.

Dashboard of Ads Empire
This is the main page you will see inside your member’s panel every time you log in. From here, you can access any section you need: you can go through the offers available on the platform, profile settings, reports, profile details, and so on.

The interface looks stylish with its black background, making everything easy to read.

CPA Offers [4/5]
That’s the second most important page of your panel because here, you can select the CPA offers you will promote. So make sure you are using the filters to get only the right offers for you and then apply to receive approval and be able to promote.
You can filter the offers by vertical, conversion type, GEO, and platform.

Ads Empire Support [4.5/5]
After you sign up to the Ads Empire affiliate network and get your affiliate account approved, you will get access to your personal account manager details. You can message your affiliate manager via email, Skype, or Telegram.

Affiliate managers of Ads Empire are very friendly and will help you optimize your campaigns,  improve the results, manage the payments, and answer all your questions about the platform. I don’t want to stress enough that keeping a good relationship with your affiliate manager is mandatory if you want to improve your results, get better tips and payouts, etc.
I will list the support details here so you can easily access them:

Email: contact{@}
Instagram profile: Link
Telegram Group: Link
Linkedin profile: Link
Facebook profile: Link

In addition, AdsEmpire runs a blog with articles, guides, and news so you can learn new things to maximize your earnings:
–> Visit the AdsEmpire Blog

AdsEmpire Payments & Payment Methods [5/5]
The payouts can be weekly or monthly, depending on your earning level. Payment terms are monthly NET30, but you can get an upgrade to weekly payments if your weekly traffic volumes exceed $1,500.
Speaking about payment methods, you can receive your earnings through one of the following: Wire Transfer, Paxum, WebMoney, Bitcoin, USDT, Capitalist, or PayPal. Considering the variety, everyone is covered: people who prefer large wire transfers, crypto enthusiasts, PayPal fans, and affiliates from CIS countries that use WebMoney or Capitalist.
The threshold for monthly payments is $250 for Bitcoin and USDT. $2,000 for Wire, Paxum, and PayPal payment methods. For weekly payments, the threshold is $1,500 for Bitcoin and USDT payments. Wire, Paxum, and PayPal have a  $2,000 threshold.
Checking multiple sources, including forums, review sites, and affiliate groups, I see that all the affiliates receive their payments fast, without any issue, which offers peace of mind for every affiliate.

The Referral Program of Ads Empire
If you manage a community of affiliates or website owners, you can make more money by promoting Ads Empire.
The referral program of Ads Empire gives you 5% of the revenue of your associated affiliates. The amount earned by your referrals only becomes visible to you once approved and paid for by the advertisers.
This is a one-level system program. So that you know, the referrals of your associated affiliates do not bring you additional income.

PROs & CONs of Ads Empire [4.5/5]
Here are the PROs and CONs of the Ads Empire network

Ads Empire PROs

Quick Account Approvals – You can get accepted within a few hours following proof of your expertise and earnings from other networks. Conversely, if you are a newbie, feedback on your application can take up to 48 hours.
Optimized offers – As previously said, AdsEmpire focuses on the dating vertical. Hence, they can optimize them and offer better support and payouts.
Easy and fast payments – You can get your payment on NET30 (or NET7 if you make more than $1500 in a week) and receive it through Wire, PayPal, Paxum, BTC, USDT, and Capitalist. The threshold is $250.
Comprehensive statistics – As an affiliate, you will get access to a members panel with detailed statistics, which helps you evaluate your performance and optimize them to obtain maximum productivity.
Help & Support – You can get support fast by talking on Skype, Telegram, and email with your dedicated affiliate manager. Also, you can use the social media accounts.
Conferences & Awards – AdsEmpire took the affiliate marketing world by storm and is present at most affiliate conferences with stands, speeches, etc. Also, they sponsor events and parties, helping affiliates become better. Their hard work and dedication are recognized through awards.
Regular Contests​ – To encourage affiliates to remain engaged, AdsEmpire regularly runs contests with prizes in cash or the latest Apple products.

Ads Empire CONs

More educative content for affiliates (guides, videos, webinars) would help.
Not so much of a variety of offers

Ads Empire FAQ

What is AdsEmpire?
AdsEmpire is one of the fast-growing affiliate networks that provides plenty of profitable opportunities for affiliates and advertisers in many verticals. They use updated technologies to help you conveniently monetize 100% of your traffic via direct CPA offers or Smartlink.

Ads Empire is a legit affiliate network?
AdsEmpire is a reliable affiliate network with exclusive dating offers and an in-house Smartlink solution with global GEO coverage focusing on Tier 1 countries. Some significant benefits and advanced features that are a must-try for the affiliates: A considerable number of Dating Exclusive offers.

What are the main AdsEmpire verticals?
They are working on a couple of verticals, but the most notable one is dating.

What traffic types does AdsEmpire accept?
AdsEmpire allows all kinds of traffic as long as it is not fraudulent, chat, incentivized, or violates the corporate rules and policies of their advertisers. It is also noted that some advertisers restrict Email, SMS, Celebrity, Clickunder, or Popunders traffic. You must notify your account manager about such traffic beforehand; otherwise, they reserve the right to withhold part or the entire sum of your traffic value. There might also be some other general traffic restrictions for exact offers, so please read the description of each specific offer.

How can l join AdsEmpire?
You can sign up as a CPA network affiliate here. You can sign up as a Smartlink affiliate here. You can sign up as an advertiser here.

How long will it take for my application to be approved?
AdsEmpire typically needs up to 48 hours to review an application.

What are the payment terms and methods of Ads Empire?
You will receive your payments monthly or weekly, depending on your earnings level. The threshold for monthly payments is $250 for Bitcoin and USDT. $2,000 for Wire, Paxum, and PayPal payment methods. For weekly payments, the threshold is $1,500 for Bitcoin and USDT payments. Wire, Paxum, and PayPal have a  $2,000 threshold. You can receive your earnings through Wire Transfer, Paxum, WebMoney, Bitcoin, USDT, Capitalist, or PayPal.

Conferences and Awards
Presence at affiliate marketing conferences
If you attend affiliate marketing or business conferences, there is a high probability you may bump into a representative of Ads Empire. That’s because they took the marketing conferences world by storm, being present at many events, even when they run simultaneously on different continents.

So don’t be hesitant and attend their booth to discuss different opportunities, as they are very friendly, and you may get some tips that will help increase your revenue. Did I mention they have awesome swag?

Awards Received
Here are a couple of awards that AdsEmpire received, which show the level of commitment and performance of the team.

Affiliate Space Awards 2022 – The Best Smartlink Affiliate Program
AGS 2021 – Best Marketing Solution Provider of The Year
IPMA – Affiliate network of the year [Shortlisted]
YNOT Awards 2022 – The Best Dating Network

How to sign up to Ads Empire
Now that you have read most of the review, I think you have a solid opinion of Ads Empire and why I recommend it as a lucrative affiliate network for dating offers. To sign up, click the button in the top bar and select if you want to promote CPA offers or smartlinks. You will sign up using the specified button if you are an advertiser.

Now is an excellent moment to clear the doubt between CPA offers and Smartlink technologies.

CPA Offers vs. Smartlink
Single CPA offers, and SmartLink are two different ways to promote offers. There are several factors to consider when choosing one of the strategies, but ultimately, this is only a personal decision.
The big difference between SmartLink and single CPA offers is that if you opt for the last one, you usually focus only on one product for a specific geo. On the other hand, SmartLink is a single link that runs multiple offers worldwide simultaneously, so the algorithm chooses the best one for the traffic, GEO, and device you are sending.

After deciding which technology to use, please select it from the menu and fill out the signup form with accurate details.

If your signup details are accurate and the staff decides you are a legitimate affiliate, you will get your account approved to configure everything, explore the offers, and promote them. Remember to create an account under the CPA Offers platform to promote individual offers. To earn from Smartlinks, you must sign up to the Smartlink Platform separately.

Ads Empire Review Conclusion
The Ads Empire affiliate network lets everyone monetize their traffic and earn money online. Offering both CPA offers and smartlinks, their mission is to help you make the most of your traffic.
The team is friendly and welcoming. Whether you are a newbie or an affiliate marketing veteran doesn’t matter. The affiliate managers are there to help with anything related to the program and to assist the marketers in conquering new heights.
I hope I’ve covered the most important questions. If you still have some, you may email me, but if you have questions, please let me know, and I will gladly answer. Also, you can check the AdsEmpire support and updates forum topic.
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