Adams’ free college lunacy: Letters to the Editor — March 13, 2023


The Issue: Mayor Adams’ plan to send 100 illegal immigrants to SUNY colleges on the taxpayers’ dime.

Mayor Adams has to be off his rocker (“U. gotta be kidding, Eric,” March 10).

He shells out $4.6 million a day to feed, clothe and house migrants. Now he wants to send them to college on the taxpayers’ dime — $1.2 million in the first year alone.

In the meantime, the city is forcing retirees out of their current health plan and onto an inferior health plan they neither want or like.

He has the nerve to state this is being done because the city can’t afford to pay for retirees’ current plan. But he can somehow give handouts to people who are not even citizens?

Paul Principato


Mr. Mayor, what are you thinking?

First, you put illegal immigrants in hotels, and now you want to send them to college?

What about citizens who couldn’t afford to go to college? What about homeless veterans who need help?

New York City is in debt. President Biden’s “open border policy” welcomes migrants; Adams incentivizes illegal immigration.

What’s next? A welcome tour of Manhattan, then hitting Macy’s for a new wardrobe?

As a popular radio commentator used to say: “It’s sick out there and getting sicker!”

Manny Martin


SUNY admissions are now coveted as affordable, solid educational opportunities.

Giving away seats puts migrants ahead of tax-paying citizens and will only encourage more to come to New York.

Please, Mr. Mayor, worry about educating native New Yorkers before playing musical chairs with seats we pay for.

Our already-strained and underperforming system needs some serious care. Ask like-minded philanthropists to fund migrant education.

Deirdre Harvey

Valley Stream

The mayor is slapping the faces of hard-working American citizens who saved to send their children to college by working overtime and missing family functions and sporting events.

He wants Americans to pay for college for people who came into this country illegally. He is a disgrace as mayor.

Dan Gardner

Staten Island

It is beyond shamefully hypocritical for Adams to propose sending as many as 100 illegal migrants for a college education, with taxpayers footing the bill.

This is the man who has been a bouncing ball on the subject of the migrants. First, he offered an outstretched hand, welcoming them to our “sanctuary city.” Then he condemned the flow of migrants, saying that it was a financial burden on the city. And now, he advocates paying for a free college education at our expense. And this is the mayor of New York City.

David Shapiro


Free college for illegal immigrants? This is beyond ridiculous. We’re already paying at least $4.6 billion for these illegal migrants.

I have a great idea: How about giving that money to veterans? They defend our country and sacrifice every day of the year.

Tony Barone

Marine Park

I cannot remember ever being as outraged as after reading this article.

We are a very generous country, as we have demonstrated over the years — and more during our open-border crisis.

But how dare our mayor do this to the hardworking citizens of New York?

We have families who cannot pay their bills, families who go into debt and sacrifice to educate their children so they can go out in this world and make a good life for themselves.

We have given these illegal immigrants so much more than our citizens. To continue with this degradation is insane.

Bunny Abraham


What about our homeless living on the streets? Shouldn’t they have priority for free tuition, room and board at our state colleges?

How do you justify treating people who are here illegally better than American citizens?

It is no wonder people are fleeing our state in record numbers.

AL D’Angelo

The Bronx

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