Abortion Biz Injures Yet Another Woman in Botched Abortion


The Hope Clinic has done it again. In fact, this abortion facility sends more women to the emergency room than any other clinic in Illinois. The late-term abortion clinic is notorious, not only for having one of the highest rates of abortion injuries, but also for using veiled and vague language in their 911 communications.

The Emergency:

In this new Operation Rescue report from May 22, 2024, a 31-year-old woman was having – according to the caller –”heavier than normal bleeding” after an abortion procedure. Although the staff caller would not specify the cause, post-abortive bleeding is very frequently caused by uterine perforation. This complication is common for women leaving this so-called “medical facility.”

Pro-lifers and prayer warriors on the scene reported seeing abortionist David Eisenberg at the facility that day, whose personal “medical interest” is late-term abortion.

Cover-Ups and More Cover Ups:

In what has become expected practice from this hopeless clinic, the caller tried to keep the 911 communication as minimal as possible to avoid giving any more details about the condition of the patient. However, the more details paramedics have, the better prepared they are to deal with the patient, and the better chance the patient has for a positive medical outcome.

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In fact, when the 911 dispatcher started to ask more questions to clarify the condition of the patient, the caller alleged the bleeding woman was “stable.” “What a contradiction!” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman.

“Even if the patient’s vital signs were within normal limits, uncontrolled hemorrhaging is a life-threatening situation that certainly calls for emergency intervention. Anyone with common sense knows people don’t call 911 to ask for an ambulance if somebody is not in danger.”

However, the clinic staff protocol is to give as little information as possible in the most vague way possible.

“The priority is to protect the business’s reputation because the owners and staff know they are being watched by Operation Rescue and scrutinized by the public.”

No safety required?

No wonder the hopeless clinic is the same place that requested that the Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) allow it to bypass safety standards established for ambulatory surgical centers. Fortunately, their request was denied and the state confirmed that women deserve a basic standard of care and safety.

Tracking the trend (or Bucking the trend):

In summary, the trend is obvious: Accountability and transparency are not good for the abortion cartel’s business. If people find out the ugly truth of what happens to untold numbers of women – in addition to their babies – support for abortion would change to outrage. 

“Although we do not know the outcome of what happened to this woman after her medical emergency, we pray for her and for the many other women who have suffered similarly at the hands of abortionists and the abortion cartel,” said Newman. “We cannot ignore the fact that the abortion cartel is dangerous. Abortionists try to evade accountability in order to keep making blood money from butchering babies and injuring women without consequences. We will keep praying for the salvation of these people and a real change of heart. And, in the meantime, we will keep fighting by all legal means to protect the lives of mothers and children.”

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