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I’m not sure what intrigues me more. That the FDA funded a study that produced these results or that ABC thinks this is news. The Study? “Evaluation of Stroke Risk Following COVID-19 mRNA Bivalent Vaccines Among US Adults Aged ≥65 Years.” The result?


Older adults who received last year’s COVID booster and a high-dose version of the flu vaccine in the same visit may have a potential increased risk of stroke, according to a new FDA-funded study.

Experts urged that the results were preliminary and may be explained by other factors such as the fact that older adults are already at a higher risk for stroke due to their age.


The media and Medical Industrial Complex like to portray us as idiots. The slow kid upon whose face you can watch the struggle to comprehend even the simplest ideas. Look at those rubes and their whacky conspiracies aided and abetted by the highly credentialed experts we’ve been trying to boot from our professions.

Crazy dopes and their medical misinformation.

Oh, and by the way, they were right again.

No, neither ABC nor the FDA is admitting anything of the sort. In fact,


“There is no need for panic, and emphatically no need to stop giving COVID and flu shots at the same time to older adults,” said Dr. Peter Chin-Hong, an infectious diseases specialist at the University of California, San Francisco, while he reiterated that more research is needed.


More research is always needed, especially since they stopped doing any as a condition of producing or approving a pharmaceutical product for the public. Everything is warp speed, and the FDA isn’t even a speed bump on the way to human testing, which is a live test on actual patients who have been told the same lie they got when their do-no-harm medical professionals were – like Gregorian monks – singing the safe and effective chant.

I want to think that some increased number of people have had a road to Damascus moment as regards public health’s chain of information custody, but not nearly enough. The CDC and FDA fart and – with few exceptions – the public health apparatus from DC to your plucky Berg takes it without question. Physicians, family or otherwise, get lectured to by their hospital overlords with the same messaging, and if you want to keep your job or license, let’s ensure we’re all repeating the same story.

Then, people die. They die after receiving injections that don’t prevent infection or transmission and may make you more susceptible to both.

We find no satisfaction in being right or sharing the correct opinions (research or data) when lives are lost becasue someone didn’t hear it or get enough of a clue to ask questions or challenge the orthodoxy. It’s a strange thing to say when you consider how the left, the media, and too many Republicans view us as ideologically immovable objects when it is we who challenge the systemic dissemination of a position and question the establishment dogma.

On that point, the ABC News piece is loaded with some great suggestions.

“There was about a 20-35% increased stroke risk in older adults that received both shots in the same visits, according to the study.”

“Additional data are needed,” and “Ultimately, we need ongoing data… to inform best practice,” he added.”

So you’re not telling people not to get them together even though the risk of stroke is more significant than their risk of death from COVID. And it’ll be great when we have more data.

It will. It would be better if you had more data before you released guidance on giving older folks both at the same time, but the CDC is not changing its recommendations. Keep the double tap and wreck a few lives while we figure out how to spin this. Sorry, they meant to say do more research they should have done beforehand.

Oh, and if anyone cares, Transgender Hormone Therapy Increases the Risk of Heart Attack and Stroke.

Puberty blockers and hormone therapy are all the rage among the woke-a-saurs despite the increased risk of death from the drugs, mental health issues, or the exponential increase in likely suicide. Now the American College of Cardiology has more bad news.

In the study, people with gender dysphoria who had ever used hormone replacements saw nearly seven times the risk of ischemic stroke (a blockage in a vessel supplying blood to the brain), nearly six times the risk of ST elevation myocardial infarction (the most serious type of heart attack) and nearly five times the risk of pulmonary embolism (a blockage in an artery in the lung), compared with people with gender dysphoria who had never used hormone replacements.

So there’s that.


Las Vegas News Magazine

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