A Tale of Three Women


On Sunday, Riley Gaines spoke at an event in La Vista, Nebraska. The event was organized by Patriotic Productions. Gaines, of course, was speaking on the incursion of men into women’s sports, and specifically her experience with William Thomas, who underwent gender surgery and now goes by the name Lia Thomas. The Lincoln Journal Star mentioned Gaines’ remarks about how hard she and her team members worked to stand out in their sport and how they were eclipsed by Thomas. Gaines noted that the issue struck home when she was forced to share a locker room with Thomas, and when he tied with her for the 200-meter freestyle and won the 500-meter freestyle. She commented, “It hit me, if we as women aren’t willing to stand up for ourselves, how could we expect someone else to do it.” The paper also said that Gaines spoke to a crowd  of 1,000 people about language:

the changing of the language that we use, the silencing, the denying of objective truth, biblical truth. The breakdown of our faith, the breakdown of the nuclear family, the breakdown of our freedoms, such as freedom of speech and other freedoms, talking about the (COVID) vaccine. Notice how they want to take the guns. This is textbook Marxism. As a Christian, what I see this as is entirely spiritual warfare. This is moral versus evil.

Gaines was just one of several speakers addressing the issue.

The paper said that Patriotic Productions, which is owned by Bill and Evonne Williams, is known for events honoring veterans and fallen military members as well as supporting the police. Among Patriotic Productions’ most memorable events were the Heartland Honor Flights that flew military veterans from Omaha to visit the war memorials in Washington, D.C. The idea of hosting an event focusing on the preservation of women’s sports did not sit well with all Nebraskans. According to the Nebraska Examiner, one letter by a reader to the Omaha World-Herald referred to Gaines as a promoter of trans discrimination, adding, “I struggle to understand why this organization would host an event featuring such a divisive, anti-trans speaker. Many transgender Americans are proudly serving our country right now, and many others have served honorably or died serving in the past.” State senator Carol Blood commented, “I think it’s inappropriate for those who served to be utilizing resources to get involved in culture wars.” Democrat state Senator Megan Hunt seemed to have either been dismissive of Gaines or could not fathom the point of Gaines’ speech and the event. Gaines appeared more than happy to set her straight.

Via the Daily Caller

Despite the post, I doubt Hunt cares one whit about Gaines or women’s sports. The Left is interested in transgenderism because it disrupts established social norms and scares the straights. And trans folx would do well to keep that in mind. Once trans people are no longer useful as political and social hand grenades and become passe’, the progressives will need them about as much as a right-handed screwdriver.

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The point has been raised by others that one never reads stories of women declaring themselves to be men and marching boldly into men’s locker rooms. And I don’t think one ever will read such a story. Because, and this may be conjecture, the minute a woman heard a man make a joke about his twig and berries or break wind for comedic effect, or found herself getting snapped on the backside with a wet towel, she would promptly run to whoever was in charge to complain mightily about the patriarchy, male privilege, and the oppressive smell of urinal cakes.


Did you know that the Mrs. America Pageant was held Friday night? Me neither, because I don’t follow pageants. The Daily Caller notes that the winner has a farm in Kamas, Utah. Her name is  Hannah Neeleman. I’ve been through Kamas. It’s beautiful country and one of the few places in Utah where the people are still keeping up the tradition of running cattle. At least for the present. Neeleman sells kitchen supplies, sourdough starter kits, and farm-raised meat. And she has a very popular Instagram account. During the Q&A, Neelman was asked to recall when she felt the “most empowered.” Her answer brought the house down:

Did you catch her answer?

I have felt this feeling seven times now as I bring these sacred souls to the earth. After I hold that newborn baby in my arms, the feeling of motherhood and bringing them to the earth is the most empowering feeling I have ever felt.

I may be accused of mansplaining, but I don’t particularly care. It appears that Gaines and Neeleman have a much more fully orbed and realistic grasp on womanhood than Senator Hunt, despite her bio in which she calls herself a Bi queen and lists her pronouns as she/her. Or perhaps the senator has not acknowledged that pronouns are not people. And people are not policy. Or fuel for her social outrage or social credit. But progressives, their rhetoric aside, don’t care about any of those things. They only care about themselves.

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