A New ‘Highly Mutated’ Covid Variant Has Exploded In the Headlines, Just in Time for the 2024 Election


“So the data looks like the new booster, which is based on BA 1.15, which was the strain that emerged last spring, looks like it will protect against these new variants,” he claimed.

Who is Scott Gottlieb? Dr. Robert Malone broke down his claims and his conflicts of interest alarming the public about the new Covid variants.

“So, who is Dr. Scott Gottlieb, and why should we care about whether or not he is ‘concerned’?” Dr. Malone asked. “Dr. Gottlieb was the commissioner of the FDA during the height of COVID, he is now is a CNBC contributor and is a member of the boards of Pfizer, genetic testing start-up Tempus, health-care tech company Aetion and biotech company Illumina. He also sits on the board for NEA, a global venture capital firm. My insider friends also say that Dr. Gottlieb is/was on advisory boards to the CIA. You know, that CIA – that founded Moderna as a start-up and continues to capitalize it via the CIA venture capital firm InQTel.”

“Yeh- no ‘conflict of interest‘ in his statement above, as Moderna, Pfizer stocks are rising amid ‘new Covid variants’,” he sarcastically added.

“Meanwhile, Pfizer is already pushing its updated COVID-19 shot, with headlines stating that there are data demonstrating that these revised products elicit neutralizing antibody activity against the ‘Eris’ subvariant in mice. Eris and Pirola are the newest COVID-19 subvariants,” he noted. “There are NO validated correlates of protection for any Coronavirus vaccine, and the implication that murine neutralizing antibodies demonstrate ‘effectiveness’ is absolutely disinformation. Or, in plainspeak, a clear lie. The same lie we were told in 2021 to justify the deployment of the original experimental gene therapy-based vaccines.”

Dr. Malone then points out those who are at risk from the new Covid variants, which should look familiar to anyone who has been following the pandemic since early 2020.

“As usual, there is only one group who is at any risk attributable to COVID at this point, and even that is a very low risk,” he said. “That risk group being the age cohort 70+ years old. In the 70+ age group, about 3 people are being admitted to the hospital WITH COVID-19 per 100,000 per week. For all other age cohorts, the risk of hospital admission is near next to nothing.”

“Although I have not seen the primary data, some reports state that Eris may be more transmissible than other variants, but all indications are that it does not appear to be more severe than Omicron,” he continued. “There is also a new variant called BA.2.86 and nicknamed Pirola. But so far, symptoms associated with that virus also appear to be mild.”

“So, ignore the alarms calls sounding from main-stream media,” he added.

That is going to be awfully hard for Americans to do, given that the media is already latching on uncritically to the fearmongering.

“What’s creepy about this sudden, everywhere narrative that there’s a new variant in town…” Dr. Naomi Wolf said, “And if you read these news articles carefully, and they all read like they were generated by AI, but if you read them carefully, there is one we tore apart in our local Salem, Massachusetts newspaper, they basically admitted there really isn’t a spike.”

“So, they’re imaginary numbers, and again, you can’t check them,” she noted.

This has been the problem with the Covid fearmongering from the beginning. Your average citizen can’t empirically check the Covid data using observational methods. They have to rely on official reporting, which was often based on faulty testing or on a misclassification of infections as “cases.”

The virus is thus an invisible bogeyman that can be invoked whenever it suits the agenda of big pharmaceutical companies or big government. Whether its the agenda of political power of padded profits, the Covid cash cow is a win/win proposition for Big Pharma, the news media it pays off, and those who seek to exploit the “emergency powers” it purportedly justifies in order to rig state elections.


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