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On August 22, the DHHS announced its allocation of an additional $1.4 billion toward the development of new Covid treatments and vaccines. If good health is their purpose, that’s like pouring gasoline on a fire.

President Biden lit the match to ignite his brand of healthcare with these words: “I signed off this morning on a proposal to present to Congress requests for additional funding for a new vaccine.” With all due respect to the office of the presidency, the CDC’s surveillance system, the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS), indicates that as of September of this year, 1,593,415 adverse events were attributed to the old vaccines, including 36,231 deaths.

We are confronted with a strange irony here. Look at it realistically. The disease of a government that can’t balance its own budget, accumulating deficits running over $33 trillion, continues to force its agenda on the people as the best cure for COVID. Consider BlackRock analyst Edward Dowd’s revelation presented by Senator Ron Johnson (R-Wis) to Senate hearings: “From February 2021 to March 2022, millennials (ages 25-44) experienced the equivalent of the Vietnam War, with more than 60,000 excess deaths. The Vietnam War took 12 years to kill the same number of healthy young people you’ve just seen die in 12 months.”

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Furthermore, a red flag for young athletes should be a warning to youth of facts that indicate the potential danger of the experimental vaccine: “Starting in June 2021, not a single month has passed with fewer than 29 reported deaths of athletes worldwide. The tally surged to 90 reported cases in December 2021 alone.” What caused NBA star LeBron James’ son, Brawny James, to go into cardiac arrest during practice? This continuous “one size fits all” jabbing the world remedy also has many other disturbing consequences, including myocarditis, Turbo Cancer, auto-immune, neurological, and God only knows how many other health problems. The truth is the federally funded, highly advertised vaccine cure is a killer worse than COVID-19.

Why does DHHS ignore the fact that the new Covid variants are very mild? And why do they continue to ignore the fact that they are easily managed by the proven drug Ivermectin? It’s because their goal, enforced by the intimidating power and wealth behind DHHS/UN/WHO, is to take our God-given personal healthcare rights away with the promise, “You’ll be safe; just do what we say.” The bottom line is that it’s common knowledge that Party loyalty very seldom appoints the most competent bureaucrats. Is there any reason to believe DHHS appointments do not also owe their jobs to the politics-as-usual system?

It’s simply a fact. You can’t trust a healthcare system that continues to operate as if continuously spending more money will promote good healthcare. Americans who love liberty should ask why in the world it is wise and good for our health to have our personal healthcare decisions transferred from ourselves and our doctors — to both federal and international government agencies such as the DHHS and the WHO.

For an overview of how bad the governments performance in healthcare, please check out this link https://thenewamerican.com/print/the-vax-premature-deaths/


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