A Bloodthirsty Grand Jury in Fulton County


Today we saw the release of the final report of the Fulton County Special Purpose Grand Jury, which was impaneled to investigate a specific issue: “the facts and circumstances relating directly or indirectly to possible attempts to disrupt the lawful administration of the 2020 presidential elections in Georgia.”

From the outset, the special purpose grand jury was rightly viewed with skepticism, having been established by Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis – a Democrat with national political ambitions – to take down the Republican presidential frontrunner for 2024 and various prominent Georgia Republicans (as well as prominent conservative lawyers and local Republican officials) with criminal charges.

DA Willis has so abused her position, in fact, that she was blocked from investigating 2020 unofficial elector Burt Jones, a Republican state senator, who is currently running for lieutenant governor against Democrat Charlie Bailey. The reason? DA Willis hosted a campaign fundraiser for Baily while the grand jury was impaneled and considering evidence against Jones, and had even donated to his political campaign. Then just last, there were the outright lies (which we outlined here) to the trial court by DA Willis and her team concerning how certain defendants’ requests for a speedy trial allegedly caused them to forego their statutory and due process rights concerning discovery and notice of the trial date.

While the purpose of impaneling grand jury has always been corrupt, today we saw just how bloodthirsty the grand jury really is.

Las Vegas News Magazine

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