7 US Actions to Target China in Various Sectors


A string of bipartisan actions against China are coming from U.S. officials.

Senate GOP Leads Climate Bill Targeting China

For the first time, the Senate GOP is leading a new proposal linking climate policies to trade, called the Foreign Pollution Fee Act.

It would impose import fees on high carbon emitting countries, particularly China, specifically to make the communist regime compensate for not enforcing environmental regulations.

Bill to Combat Foreign Land Purchases

The Protect Our Bases Act led by Sen. Tim Scott (R-S.C.) allows the Foreign Investment Committee to review foreign land purchases near U.S. military bases.

Experts say China has been buying American land with the goal of damaging critical U.S. infrastructure.

Lawmakers Press Biden on Chinese Use of Chip Tech

On the microchip front, lawmakers are seeking answers from the Biden administration on how they plan to deal with China’s use of open chip design.

RISC-V technology can be leveraged as a crucial component in products ranging from smartphones to advanced AI processors. The concern here is that Beijing might use the design to achieve dominance over Washington, putting U.S. national security on the line.

Bill to Ban Government Purchase of Chinese Drones

Views of Chinese drones could disappear from U.S. skies. Under the newly proposed American Security Drone Act, government or private entities would be barred from using federal funding to buy drones made by China-owned or affiliated companies.

Costco Questioned on China Forced Labor

Everyday spending on things like groceries, security cameras, and even seafood might be funding the Chinese Communist Party’s human rights abuses without your knowledge. Retail giant Costco is facing scrutiny from the Congressional-Executive Commission on China for selling products allegedly tied to the regime’s forced labor and surveillance in the Xinjiang region.

Senate: Federal Funds Can’t Benefit China

Lawmakers agreed that federal funding should not benefit China. In a 61–36 vote, the Senate approved an amendment to a package that would stop the use of funds that benefit China-based entities or their subsidiaries.

US Still Deciding Whether to Renew South African Trade Act

South Africa’s garment industry is hanging by a thread as the U.S. Congress is still deciding whether to renew a trade initiative set to expire by 2025.

The African Growth and Opportunity Act has received bipartisan support since the beginning. Lawmakers say it’s critical to countering China’s influence in Africa.

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