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The end of the year is almost here: can you believe it’s almost 2024? As you wind things down at work, take time off to enjoy with the family, and relax, it’s the perfect time to curl up with a great show. There are plenty of new and returning shows this month that are available through all the top streaming services. Browse this list and you’re bound to find a few worth adding to your nightly viewing selection.

There’s everything from dramas to comedies, a British heist series, a Canadian gem, and the end of a royal era. Have a look at these six shows you need to watch in December and pick the ones you want to dive into before the year is over.

Slow Horses season 3 (December 1)

Returning for its third season, the Apple TV+ original spy thriller Slow Horses stars Gary Oldman as Jackson Lamb, the head of an MI5 division called Slough House. It’s the place where rejects are sent to spend their days instead of getting fired. The team spends most of their time pushing papers, and Jackson waits patiently, believing they’ll eventually quit out of frustration. Despite the mistakes and attitudes that got the group sent effectively to career purgatory, however, their skills make them instrumental in numerous investigations.

There are themes of redemption combined with surly characters and doses of humor. Slow Horses has been widely praised by critics and viewers alike for its refreshing take on an otherwise oversaturated genre.

Stream Slow Horses on Apple TV+. 

Culprits (December 8)

A dark and funny British heist series, Culprits is the story of a crew of criminals who plan a massive robbery. The job goes off without a hitch, and they disperse, going their separate ways, living in different parts of the world under new identities. However, when one is killed, then another, it’s clear someone knows what they did and is targeting them. But who and why?

Culprits keeps you guessing about the identity of the killer, whether it’s an inside job, and who might be next to be eliminated. Creating fear, paranoia, and worry among the characters, the series flips back and forth in the timeline to provide context for the story to come. Critics have applauded the pacing, cast, and depth of the bloody, violent, exciting series, so it’s worth checking out if you crave something a bit different.

Stream Culprits on Hulu. 

The Crown season 6 part 2 (December 14)

The end is finally here for the long-running historical drama that chronicles the life and career of Queen Elizabeth II and the Royal Family. Different actors have portrayed pivotal characters in each season of The Crown, including Queen Elizabeth herself. Each season also features new cast members convincingly playing everyone from Margaret Thatcher to Diana, Princess of Wales. The story progresses through different decades in the Queen’s life and key moments that shaped her reign.

Season 6 takes place in the 21st century and includes the tragic death of Princess Diana, Prince William and Kate Middleton’s first meeting, and Prince Charles’ (now King Charles) wedding to Camilla Parker Bowles. The first four episodes of The Crown season 6 were released in mid-November and the story concludes with the final six.

Stream The Crown on Netflix. 

Reacher season 2 (December 15)

Reacher is an interpretation of the Lee Child character from the book series who was played by Tom Cruise in the movie Jack Reacher. Alan Ritchson returns as the title character, a former military policeman. His towering stature and tremendous fighting ability make him a force to be reckoned with. When Jack is released from prison, he enlists a team to help him investigate conspiracies and corruption in law enforcement, politics, and business.

While the first reason was based on the stories in Child’s debut novel Killing Floor, season 2 will tackle the events that occurred in the 11th book in the series, Bad Luck and Trouble. Reacher’s first season received positive reviews, with Ritchson being singled out for his performance as the likable yet menacing hero.

Stream Reacher on Amazon Prime Video.

Percy Jackson and the Olympians (December 20)

If you or your child love the Percy Jackson books by Rick Riordan, you’ll want to check out Percy Jackson and the Olympians, a fantasy TV series based on the book series. The title character, played by Walker Scobell, is a 12-year-old demigod. When Zeus accuses him of stealing his thunderbolt, Percy has no choice but to fight back.

With eight episodes in the first season, Riordan’s involvement in the series suggests authenticity to the source material. Percy Jackson and the Olympians marks the last appearance of the late Lance Reddick (John Wick: Chapter 4), who plays Zeus. Keep an eye out for a recurring role from Megan Mullally as Percy’s strict math teacher Alecto/Ms. Dodds as well and a guest starring role from Lin-Manuel Miranda as Hermes, the messenger of the gods.

Stream Percy Jackson and the Olympians on Disney+. 

Letterkenny season 12 (December 25)

After a dozen seasons, the Canadian sitcom Letterkenny is finally ending. Based on the YouTube web series Letterkenny Problems, Letterkenny follows the title character, played by creator Jared Keeso, as he navigates life in a small rural town in Ontario, Canada. The residents of the town fall into four main stereotyped groups: the farmers, nicknamed the “hicks,” the out-of-towners who are members of the local ice hockey team, the drug addicts, known as “the skids,” and those who live on the First Nation reservation nearby, called “the natives.”

Though there are plenty of Canadian-specific stereotypes and references, Letterkenny has managed to strike a chord with American audiences as well. Filled with one-liners, puns, and wordplay, Letterkenny is both funny and clever. The show spawned the spin-off Shoresy, also streaming on Hulu, that’s a must-watch once you’re done with this final season.

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