50-year-old trans professor takes last place in Toronto teen girls’ swim race


A Canadian swimming competition allowed a trans-identified 50-year-old biological male to compete against teenage girls over this past weekend in Toronto.

Nicholas J. Cepeda, also known as “Melody Wiseheart,” competed against girls aged 13 and 14 in the Richmond Hill Aquatic Centre’s Fall Classic swimming competition at Markham Pan Am Centre on Oct. 20, according to Rebel News. Cepeda is a member of the Orangeville Otters Swim Club.

While the Pan Am Centre initially denied that the 50-year-old man was competing against teenage girls, documents obtained by the outlet reveal otherwise.

According to the competition schedule, Cepeda competed under the name “Melody Wisehart” in the Heat 3 race, which lists Wisehart’s age at 50, while the rest of the competitors are listed between the ages of 13 and 14.

Document Courtesy: Rebel News

Cepeda notably placed last when he was up against 15-17 year old girls.

Rebel News investigative reporter David Menzies said he was tipped off by concerned parents and went to the Pan Am Centre to investigate the complaint. Menzies explained that the organizers of the swim meet denied the claims that Cepeda was competing against teens, but eventually caved and confirmed his participation. According to the outlet, the organizers didn’t want to get into a discussion about gender and age.

Nicholas Cepeda, or “Melody Wisehart” is a professor at York University in Toronto and teaches behavioural science in the psychology department. His research focuses on children and youth, according to the university’s website.

The investigation follows a controversial phenomenon occurring across the Western world where trans-identified men are competing against women in female sports, which has been at the center of debate due to men dominating women. Athletes, parents, and conservative politicians have been fighting against men competing in women’s sports, and some Republican-run US states have enacted legislation that bans participation.

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