3 Chrome Extensions to Integrate ChatGPT in Google Chrome


I personally really like the addition of Bing AI chatbot in Microsoft Edge as now we can browse the web and chat with the AI at the same time. Unfortunately, I am not a big fan of Microsoft Edge, and the addition of Bing AI isn’t big enough of a reason to jump ship.

So the simple solution I found was using a Chrome extension to integrate ChatGPT into Chrome. There are many Chrome extensions for ChatGPT and a bunch of them let you integrate ChatGPT in Chrome to let you browse and ask questions to ChatGPT in one place.

Today, I am going to list 3 extensions that I found very useful for using ChatGPT inside Google Chrome.

1. SearchGPT

The simplest of the bunch here. SearchGPT lets you view ChatGPT responses right next to Google Search results and other search engines as well. When you’ll search for anything, it will open a window in the right panel showing answers to it from ChatGPT.

You’ll need to log in to your ChatGPT account in order to use this Chrome extension. Furthermore, the results will not appear in case Google Search shows additional information in the top or side panel, such as a list of apps. You can also continue asking further questions using the text box available at the very bottom of the answer generated.

More importantly, the extension lets you access ChatGPT with a single click on the extension button. It will open ChatGPT in its own interface without moving you to a different tab.

2. SidebarGPT

If you want more customization options, then SidebarGPT will be a better option. The extension works similarly to the SearchGPT extension, like showing results from ChatGPT next to your Google search query. However, it adds a small button at the bottom-right corner of the screen that you can click to open ChatGPT in SidebarGPT’s own interface.


From the extension’s settings, you can customize when it should give an answer along with your search query, like with every query or only when the “?” question mark is added. Furthermore, it uses templates by default to enhance the answers generated. For example, making the answers more detailed and listing links if possible.


You can edit or remove these templates in the settings to get the answers in the way you like. There is also an option to use prompts using the “/” sign which are fully editable in the settings.

3. MaxAI.me

MaxAI.me is the right choice when you want everything in one place. This extension gives access to all popular AI chatbots in Google Chrome including ChatGPT, Bard, Bing AI, and Claude. Unlike the above two, it doesn’t show AI results in the Google search. You can click on the extension icon to open a sidebar where you can ask your questions.


You can change AIs from the drop-down menu and ask questions in the same textbox. There is also a button to open prompts to use immediately. I must say, its list of prompts is quite extensive and you can even create your own prompts.

There are also additional features like the ability to read PDFs and using Stable mode that tries to minimize ChatGPT errors when it’s under load. However, you’ll have to upgrade to a Pro subscription for $10/month to enjoy unlimited queries. Free users get limited queries per day.

Ending Words

SidebarGPT is my choice because it’s easy enough to use and has enough customization options to get what I want. Although MaxAI.me is definitely the most powerful, and in my experience, very fast too. I didn’t get to try how its Stable mode can fix ChatGPT’s common overload issues as I didn’t face any, but I am sure it can make the experience smoother than the native ChatGPT web app.

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