2 Ways to Autoplay Embedded YouTube Videos


Previously, I talked about how you can get YouTube embed code to embed YouTube videos anywhere you like. Yes, embedding a video on a page is enough to attract users to it, but they still have to click on it to actually see the video.

What if you can autoplay it too? You can make it easier (although a bit forceful) for users to view your content by automatically playing the embedded video as soon as the page opens. This can be great for videos that are important to view in order to continue on the page.

Today, I bring you two methods to edit the YouTube embed code to autoplay embedded YouTube videos. These methods are the latest that work with current YouTube embed code formatting.

Method #1: Manually Edit YouTube Embed Code

Although this method does require you to do some manual tinkering, at least it doesn’t require any third-party help. You can make a small edit in the embed code of the YouTube video to make it autoplay wherever it’s embedded. Here’s how:

Copy the embed code by going to Share > Embed right below the video.

Now paste it somewhere you can edit it. Afterward, add autoplay=1" allow="autoplay" exactly as it is written (including quotes) right after the video URL in the embed code. It should be between the question mark (?) and si=.

Below is a screenshot that shows both the normal embed code and the edited one, I have marked the exact location:

That’s it, now wherever you add this embed code, the video will automatically play when the page is accessed.

Method #2: Use the Embed Code Generator Tool

Although the purpose of these apps is to get embed code for YouTube videos, they also have additional options to edit the code. One of these options is to make the video autoplay. However, finding the right tool isn’t easy since many don’t follow the latest embed code formatting or don’t offer the autoplay functionality.

I have tried many embed code generator tools and only the embed code generator from YTubetool actually worked, so I’ll recommend that. It’s also really easy to use the tool, here’s how:

Copy/paste the YouTube video URL in the YouTube Video URL field on the website and enable the Autoplay Video option. Of course, you can edit the other parameters as well if you want. When you are done, click on Generate Embed Code.

This will generate a new code quite different from the one YouTube provides. Click on the Click to Copy button to copy it and embed it anywhere you want the embedded video to autoplay.


There is a limit on how many embed codes you can generate for free. You’ll have to upgrade to the premium plan for $5/month to generate unlimited auto-playing embed codes and access other tools from YTubetool

Wrapping Up

Manually editing the YouTube embed code is definitely the right way if you don’t need to embed videos often. However, if it’s a regular thing, then using the embed code generator by YTubetool will be better. Not to mention, the bunch of customization options the tool offers that will make your embedded video look even better.

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