1350% Increase in London Anti-Semitic Crimes Amid Israel-Hamas War


As the war launched by brutal Hamas terrorists on Israel rages on, the violence is spreading—including to London, where anti-Semitic crimes exploded like a Hamas rocket hitting a Gaza hospital. Turns out Western countries were importing the next potential Holocaust through policies welcoming hundreds of thousands or even millions of violent Muslim men.

Since the beginning of October, anti-Semitic crimes have shot up a stunning 1,350% in London, Breitbart reported on Oct. 21. The statistics were released before a large pro-Palestinian London protest. Unfortunately, the London police were only able to make 21 arrests. That is less than seven percent of cases where an arrest was made! How many of these anti-Semitic criminals will be repeat offenders?

Figures released by The Met on Friday showed that there were 218 antisemitic offences were [sic] recorded in London from the start of the month to October 18th. This represented a “significant” rise over the same time period last year when just 15 incidents were recorded…

The Met said that despite their increased patrols in heavily Jewish areas, they have seen a drastic increase of 1,353 per cent in antisemitic offences this month, which they said included “abuse directed at individuals or groups in person or online, racially or religiously motivated criminal damage and other offences.”

London police alleged that “Islamophobic offenses” went up 140% compared to this time last year.

Community Security Trust (CST) policy director Dave Rich reportedly said, “This huge spike in anti-Jewish hate crime happens every time Israel is at war, yet other foreign conflicts such as the war in Ukraine do not trigger similar outbursts of hate crimes here in the UK. It is shameful and appalling that this still occurs in modern Britain, and yet it happens time after time.” CST rated this jump in anti-Semitic crimes as seemingly higher than the normal increase during Israeli conflicts. Some young Jews in the UK and Germany have left off wearing Jewish religious symbols out of fear of being targeted, Breitbart explained. It’s so tragic that this should happen in Europe—within living memory of WWII!

Unfortunately, law enforcement seems infected by some of the anti-Semitism too. Breitbart reported that London Metropolitan Police were accused of making Campaign Against Antisemitism activists “turn off electronic billboards displaying children believed to have been kidnapped from Israel by Hamas. The police reportedly threatened the activists with arrest for allegedly breaching the peace and ordered them to leave the city centre.”

UK politician and show host Nigel Farage on GB News critiqued the suggestion that Britain should take Gaza “refugees” on top of the half million refugees already accepted into Britain since 2016. He added some sobering statistics from Denmark for context:

Now I’m going to give you some stats from Denmark that are very shocking. In 1992, Denmark gave refuge to 321 Palestinians. By 2019, the government produced results for what had happened to them.

64% of those that have been given refuge had obtained criminal records. 34% of their children had obtained criminal records. And bear in mind, many of the children hadn’t yet grown up and the vast majority were living on welfare.

In other words, by accepting Palestinian “refugees,” Denmark merely brought over criminals and drains on their system. As Farage noted, there’s a reason Arab countries around Israel don’t want to take any Palestinian “refugees.” Yet now politicians in the UK and U.S. are calling on their countries to accept Gaza “refugees”! I previously explained how brainwashed Palestinians are from childhood onwards to support terrorism and hate Jews, and how impossible it is to separate the very few Palestinians not in support of terrorism from the overwhelming majority who are.

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As Lebanese-American Brigitte Gabriel warned, based on her own experience in Lebanon, you can accept only so many Muslims before they launch a violent takeover of your country. London’s current crisis of anti-Semitic crime is an ominous preview of what every Western nation with hordes of Muslim “refugees” can expect.

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