11-year-old boy found dead with shoelace around his neck in NYC migrant shelter


On Monday, an 11-year-old boy was discovered unconscious with a shoelace tied around his neck in a migrant shelter on Manhattan’s Upper West Side.

He was rushed to the hospital, but succumbed to his injuries and was soon pronounced dead.

According to the New York Post, authorities found the child in the lobby of the Stratford Arms Hotel on 70th Street around 5 pm. He was taken to Roosevelt Hospital, but it was too late.

Investigators are still looking into his cause of death, and the circumstances that led up to him having a shoelace around his neck. No information has been made public about his identity.

As JP reports, the Stratford Arms Hotel formerly served as the residence hall for the American Musical and Dramatic Academy, but was transformed into a migrant shelter earlier this year amid an unprecedented influx of foreigners flooding into the city.

In June, students moved to downtown Manhattan to make way for the hundreds of illegal migrants granted shelter by Mayor Eric Adams’ administration. 

Many residents quickly began complaining about the behavior the new arrivals exhibited, including being unnecessarily loud, riding their mopeds without license plates, and generally wreaking havoc on what was once a quiet, peaceful neighborhood.

One of those residents was 66-year-old Joe Germanotta, the father of pop star Lady Gaga. He got so fed up with the situation that he decided to form an association with fellow Upper West Side residents to share their concerns with Mayor Eric Adams and other city officials.

He said the situation has deteriorated to a point where the neighborhood no longer resembles that which he came to love, adding, “If it was like this when my girls were growing up, I wouldn’t be living in New York.”

“I don’t mind having them there,” he emphasized. “They’re gonna be there for three years. That was the contract, I understand. But at least manage it. Put the proper security in place, have a police presence and a code of conduct.”

In September, the Post reports, the city ordered single asylum seekers to leave the hotel to make way for families.

New York has been suffering under the massive influx of illegal immigrants who have been coming to the city as a result of Biden’s border policy. Millions of people who are apprehended at the border are simply catalogued and released into the US. New York City has seen some 10,000 new people each month pour into the city, and per local law, has an obligation to provide shelter for those who seek it.

The city is going broke and has had to cut budgets for essential city services like police and education. New York Mayor Eric Adams has reached out the the biden administraiotn, but came away from that meeting saying help would not be on the way.

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