10 Beautiful Fonts That Pair Perfectly With Calibri


Calibri has overtaken Times New Roman as the go-to font just about everywhere, and for good reason. Calibri looks professional without sliding into severe, is easily readable, and pairs with a large number of different fonts depending on your needs.

With so many great options to pair with Calibri, however, it can be difficult to figure out what font exactly you would want to choose. To make things a little easier, here are some of the best fonts that pair perfectly with Calibri for a variety of different effects and results.

1. Candara

A Screenshot of the Candara Font on Display

First up on this list comes Candara. Candara makes a great pairing for many reasons, one being that, like Calibri, Candara is another font from Microsoft. This means that almost all installations of Windows will come with Candara as a pairing option ready to go.

Beyond that, Candara pairs well with Calibri thanks to its similar height and width, and the fact that both fonts are sans-serif. Much like Calibri, Candara is a light font with less impact, which makes them pair quite well.

2. Whitney

A Screenshot of the Whitney Font on Display

Next up is Whitney. If you’re looking for a font that won’t contrast too much with Calibri while still retaining variation, then the Whitney family of fonts is a great option.

Much like Calibri, Whitney is a relatively modern-looking font, thanks in part to the fact that it’s sans-serif. Its lettering height and width are both quite minimal, and the font overall bears many similarities to Calibri.

For something similar that won’t distract too much from Calibri, Whitney is a great choice.

3. Georgia

A Screenshot of the Georgia Font on Display

Another classic font that pairs surprisingly well with Calibri is Georgia. This stately font, like Calibri, is produced by Microsoft, and as such is readily available on most Windows machines from the get-go.

Unlike Calibri, Georgia is a serif font, and is overall wider than Calibri. This is why Georgia pairs well with Calibri, however. The difference between the two fonts provides a nice contrast, while the lettering itself doesn’t differ so much that it’s jarring.

4. Droid Sans

A Screenshot of the Droid Sans Font on Display

As you might have been able to deduce from the name, Droid Sans was originally designed in 2009 for the Android operating system. The font itself is sans-serif and extremely similar to Calibri, though with one noticeable difference.

Droid Sans has a significantly higher weighting in both height and width, making the font stand out more in all sizes. Perfect for when you’re looking for a font that won’t distract too much but with a little more impact.

5. Raleway

A Screenshot of the Raleway Font on Display

For a good header pairing that bears many similarities with Calibri, you can’t go wrong with Raleway. Raleway is a Google Font that is quite similar to Calibri in that it, too, is sans-serif with similar style and letter weighting.

The font itself differs slightly in some of its letter shapes, but not so much that it’s jarring. Raleway can be a little more ostentatious than Calibri when looking at letters such as w, which makes it a great font for getting people’s attention with a headline, for instance.

6. Lush

A Screenshot of the Raleway Font on Display

If you want something that’s really going to stand out and draw attention to your content, then Lush is a phenomenal option to do just that. This font is pretty crazy, with some very interesting qualities in regard to its kerning and orientation.

Ideally, you would use this font quite sparingly. This is one of many common font-pairing strategies for perfect font combinations. In larger bodies of text, its readability begins to become a concern, which is where you want to start using Calibri. In this regard, Lush pairs quite well with Calibri thanks to its contrast.

You can incorporate this font pairing into all sorts of design projects, and there are also a bunch of free Canva fonts worth checking out to take your project to the next level.

7. Miller Text

A Screenshot of the Miller Text Font on Display

Next up on this list, we have Miller Text. For a font that can contrast with Calibri while still remaining appropriate for almost any occasion, Miller Text is a great option to consider.

Miller Text, unlike Calibri, is a serif font. This can provide a nice point of contrast, especially when you consider that Miller Text has very compact lettering. As a result, the width you get when typing long sentences with Miller Text pairs well with Calibri so as not to be too distinct, while the serif draws the eye.

8. Abril

A Screenshot of the Abril Font on Display

When it comes to serif vs. sans-serif fonts, Abril is about as close to Calibri as you will get.

Despite being a serif font, Abril takes direct inspiration from humanist fonts, much like Calibri does. In this respect, the two fonts are very similar, which leads to them pairing nicely with one another.

9. Gimlet

A Screenshot of the Gimlet Font on Display

If you’re looking for something that’s visually striking and noticeably distinct from Calibri without being too distracting or becoming difficult to read, then Gimlet is a great option.

Gimlet is a serif font categorized by its hard, straight serifs, most notably on its zs and Ts. This makes it a great contrast from Calibri while still retaining some visual flair.

Interestingly, Gimlet’s italic fonts become noticeably more rounded, making it more similar to Calibri in some ways.

10. Pluto

A Screenshot of the Pluto Font on Display

Finally, we have Pluto. For the times that you want a font that is visually distinct from Calibri while still retaining similar letter weighting and height, Pluto is an excellent choice.

Pluto is a sans-serif font that takes a noticeably different approach in its appearance. This makes it a great pair for Calibri, especially in headers or areas you want to draw attention to, without being too distinct from Calibri itself.

Find the Perfect Font Pairing

As you can see, there are plenty of different fonts that pair excellently with Calibri. Each of these fonts is distinct from Calibri in its own way, without detracting from the font as a whole.

With that being said, figuring out how to purchase new fonts and whether or not they’re worth using can be quite difficult. Especially when there are so many free fonts out there that are of exceptional quality.

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